Advances Made in Double Blepharoplasty

A Double Blepharoplasty, also known as an Asian Blepharoplasty, is a common plastic surgery procedure that can help to improve the appearance of certain sections of the eyes and face. Below we cover some of the latest advances made in double blepharoplasty.

Advances Made in Double Blepharoplasty

This procedure, although well-tested and generally dependable, has undergone significant advances in the past several years due to innovations in both general practice and innovations in technology.

If you’re considering receiving this procedure for yourself, then the following information might be of interest as you explore elements of the practice. It also might serve as a useful primer to explore information prior to your-presurgical consultation at our eyelid surgery center.

First Off: What Occurs During Double Blepharoplasty?

Double blepharoplasty is a procedure designed to alter the appearance of the folds and lines of one’s face to help maintain a natural-appearing eye area while molding certain features in order to help the patient meet a set of certain goals.

A successful double eyelid surgery can add depth and dynamism to one’s face, all the while retaining some of the defining characteristics that can make one’s visage stand out in unique ways.

Asian Blepharoplasty remains considered a unique procedure due to some of the specific characteristics of the anatomy of an Asian eyelid. Because of these, it often exists as a procedure that requires its own unique expertise to address in any professional sense.

If you are unhappy with the shape of your eyes and the aesthetic features of the creases which surround them, then it’s possible that a double blepharoplasty can resolve some of these issues for you.

Rising In Popularity

One advance of note with regard to Double Blepharoplasty is it’s rising popularity. At this time, it’s oftentimes ranked as one of the top five most sought-after surgeries in the plastic surgery field.

One of the most common complaints with regard to one’s personal appearance in terms of this hustle-and-bustle world that we currently navigate is that one’s eyes look tired.

Both Double Blepharoplasty and Traditional Blepharoplasty can rectify this problem, lending the areas around the eyes a vivacious and restored sensibility and appearance.

The recent advances in methodology surrounding this practice have contributed to its increasing popularity, which in turn have aided in the developing of some of the methodologies, lending the process to a truly synergistic environment of innovation.

A More Sophisticated Recovery

Another element of the double blepharoplasty process that has made gains in sophistication is elements of the recovery process.

As time has gone on, physicians have made gains in their ability to define what the parameters are for safety in terms of how one should behave post-surgery to obtain the best results possible from their operation.

Some of these processes include things like:

  • Elevating your head for several days after surgery
  • Drinking plenty of fluids
  • Waiting a few days before engaging in strenuous activities like driving or operating heavy machinery
  • Not wearing contact lenses
  • Avoiding swimming and other activities that can interfere with the recovery of the eye

There are also several parameters that have to do with medications and the like that will impact the way in which your recovery process proceeds. You’ll be able to discuss some of the specifics surrounding your unique situation when you schedule a consultation with your physician.

Medical Evaluation

One extremely important thing that you can expect to undergo during your evaluation with your doctor is a medical exam in order to determine whether you are physically fit and sound enough to undergo the stress involved with surgery.

It should go without saying that if your doctor determines that you are not physically well enough to go through with your operation, then that will prevent them from being able to approve you for whatever work you might wish to have done.

While you undergo this evaluation, you should honestly disclose any information that you think might be relevant to your physician related to these issues. This includes things like

  • Lifestyle behaviors
  • Prescription or non-prescription medication you might be taking
  • Past operations you have undergone
  • Medical history, both personal and genealogical

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