The Growing Popularity of Eyelid Surgery

concept of growing popularity of eyelid surgery

The demand for eyelid surgery, also referred to as “blepharoplasty,” has been steadily increasing over the last few years. The cosmetic procedure dramatically improves the appearance of your eyelids and can take years off your face. Both men and women benefit from the procedure as it removes the excess skin, fat, and muscle that can …

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The Increasing Popularity of a Non-Surgical Facelift

concept of increasing popularity of non-surgical facelift

The signs of aging can impact your face and overall appearance. This can be due to the natural aging process, environmental factors, genetics, and poor lifestyle habits. Addressing the early signs of aging is possible with a non-surgical facelift. In fact, the procedure has a number of benefits. Below you will find the top reasons …

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Can Sun Exposure Cause Dark Circles?

concept of checking if sun exposure cause dark circles

Dark circles can make you look tired, grumpy, and age you. Dark circles can occur for a variety of reasons. You may wonder, can sun exposure cause dark circles? Below you will find helpful information about dark circles and the available treatment options. Can Sun Exposure Cause Dark Circles? Sun exposure can cause dark circles …

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How to Make Fillers Last Longer

concept of how to make fillers last longer

The natural aging process can impact your skin and overall appearance. Investing in cosmetic treatments can help you restore your youthful glow. One of the most common cosmetic treatments that can improve your appearance are fillers. Fillers are a safe and effective treatment that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restore lost …

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Can Eyelids Be Droopy When You Are Young?

concept of eyelids droopy when young

Eyelid drooping is most often associated with the aging process. Collagen loss, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and the natural aging process can impact your skin. This is especially true around your eyes as the skin is much thinner as compared to the rest of your body. While the aging process is the most common cause of …

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What Are Double Eyelids?

concept image of double eyelids

Everyone’s eyes are unique as they can vary in size and shape. Your eyelids can play a major role in how your eyes look. There are two main types of eyelids, monolids and double eyelids. Each have their own unique features. You may wonder, what are double eyelids? Below you will find helpful information on …

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Getting Sleep After Eyelid Surgery

concept image of getting sleep after eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is an effective cosmetic procedure that can restore the look of your eyes. Due to the natural aging process and certain lifestyle factors, your eyes can suffer. They often wrinkle much faster and can make you look tired and grumpy. Eyelid surgery can restore your youthful look and confidence. If you have decided …

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Eyelid Surgery Myths

Woman about to get eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is an effective treatment that can take years off of your face. The procedure is often cosmetic, but can also be reconstructive as it may be necessary in some cases. For example, those whose vision is impacted by drooping eyelids or who have had a trauma to their eye. Despite the straightforward nature …

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Do I Need Surgery For Dark Circles?

concept image woman wondering if she needs surgery for dark circles

Dark circles can dramatically impact your aesthetic, often making you look tired and aged. While undereye bags and dark circles are often associated with a late night out, they can also become more noticeable as you age. Aging and certain lifestyle factors can increase the appearance of your dark circles. You may even wonder: do …

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Popular Non-Surgical Face Treatments

Woman enjoying benefits of popular non-surgical face treatments

Certain lifestyle habits, genetics, and the natural aging process can impact your physical appearance. One of the most noticeable areas that shows the signs of aging early is your face. A number of cosmetic procedures can help improve the signs of aging on your face. However, non-surgical face treatments are just as beneficial. Below you …

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