When to Seek Treatment for Dark Circles

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Dark circles under the eyes are a common cosmetic concern that can affect people of all ages and skin types. They might develop as a result of stress or grow naturally due to genetic makeup. While often not a serious medical condition, persistent dark circles can cause self-consciousness and impact one’s confidence. Understanding the underlying …

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Approaches to Revision Eyelid Surgery

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A revision eyelid surgery is a type of eyelid surgery that intends to correct imperfections that a patient is unhappy with in an original eyelid surgery. There are many plausible elements of an eyelid surgery that can go awry that a patient might be unhappy with. Below, we cover some key approaches to revision eyelid …

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Are Ptosis and Lazy Eye Related?

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There are plenty of reasons why you may be struggling with your vision. If you do not have myopia or another eyesight condition, your issue may be more external. Some skin-related conditions like lazy eye and ptosis can cause the eyelids to droop over the eyes, obstructing parts of the vision. You may be dealing …

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Can Asian Eyelid Surgery Make My Eyes Look Bigger?

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Patients often visit our expert surgery team to find out about the different types of eyelid surgeries we have available. One of the most common options, Asian eyelid surgery, is designed for folks who were born without a natural crease in their upper eyelids and want to make their faces look fuller. While this type …

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What Wrinkles Does a Brow Lift Fix?

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Anyone starting to experience the signs of aging is likely looking at the best ways to smooth out wrinkles and improve the health of their skin. There are a huge number of transformation options that make rejuvenation more than possible. If you are dealing with particularly difficult creases and wrinkles around the forehead and eyebrows, …

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Does Lower Eyelid Surgery Remove Wrinkles?

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Lower eyelid surgery, or lower blepharoplasty as it’s also called, can offer a patient several aesthetic and medical benefits if it’s what’s called for to improve the appearance of their eyes. But does lower eyelid surgery remove wrinkles? This procedure is performed for several reasons, ranging from helping patients to achieve personal aesthetic goals, to …

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How To Speed Up Eyelid Surgery Recovery

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Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty as it’s known in the medical community, is a type of surgery that’s directed towards changing the appearance of the eyes for either aesthetic or medical reasons. Like most types of major surgeries, a blepharoplasty carries with it a mild recovery period. This is just part and parcel of the surgical …

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Common Features of Revision Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelid revision surgery is a surgery that is performed to correct elements of an initial eyelid surgery that may not have turned out satisfactory. This can cover a wide range of effects. And like any type of surgery, it’s good to be aware of the potential impacts well before going in for treatment. Below we …

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Extra Eyelid Skin: Why It Happens

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The eyelids are one of the first areas of the body to exhibit signs of aging, which typically displays itself as a loosening of the skin surrounding the eyelids. Below we look at extra eyelid skin and why it happens. Extra Eyelid Skin: Why It Happens This condition, known by several names from dermatochalasis to …

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Causes of Broken Eye Socket

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A broken eye socket is a serious medical condition that you’ll want to address immediately if you believe that you have suffered one. Below we cover some of the most common causes of a broken eye socket. Causes of a Broken Eye Socket The eye socket is a complex set of bones that surrounds and …

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