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Bell’s Palsy is a condition in which an individual experiences a sudden paralysis on one side of their face. Although rare and treatable, it is nonetheless frightening and challenging to deal with. Bell’s Palsy can affect your face in a variety of ways, but there’s no need to worry. At In Focus, we go above and beyond to help you navigate this issue.


One of the many areas of the face negatively impacted by an onset of Bell’s Palsy is the area around your eye. Your eyebrow will generally begin to droop, and your eyelids may sag, making it difficult to fully open or close your eye.This can lead to issues similar to ptosis or entropion. If the underlying cause of the Palsy is not addressed, blepharoplasty surgery may be necessary to restore function to your eyelids.

These effects on your eyelids can be especially detrimental in two primary ways

  • Paralyzed eyelids may not be able to close properly, making it impossible to fully spread tears over your eyes.
  • They may also not be able to open all the way.

Either way, the effect on your vision could be hazardous. If you believe you are suffering from Bell’s Palsy, it is in your best interest to visit In Focus and assess your situation with the help of a qualified oculofacial plastic surgeon.


At In Focus, we provide a variety of ways to deal with Bell’s Palsy. The exact type of procedure you have will depend on your symptoms and goals.

Eyelid Weights

Treatments include the placement of a weight into your upper eyelid to make it easier for your eyelid to close. In some cases, the plate may be permanent.


You may also undergo a procedure known as a tarsorrhaphy. Here, the inner and outer portions of your eyelids are brought together, closing the eyelids in question and decreasing exposure to the eye.

This is usually a temporary procedure, although, in some instances, it may be permanent.

Ectropion Repair

If your condition has left you with a sagging upper or lower eyelid, ectropion repair may be necessary. Ectropion is a condition in which your eyelid turns outward, making proper irrigation of the eye impossible. Treating this involves a small amount of localized anesthetic and a minor procedure to tighten your eyelid, seldom lasting longer than an hour..

Brow Lift

A brow lift may also be helpful, as a drooping brow can often occur during an instance of Bell’s Palsy. Non-surgical options use dermal fillers and are quick, temporary, and require no downtime.

Or you could have a small surgical procedure to fix your brow at a higher position. The results are longer lasting, but require a recovery period.


Keep in mind, even if your nerve function returns after the palsy passes, abnormal nerve pathways may form what is known as “aberrant regeneration.” This can be aided with botox injections


In many cases of Bell’s Palsy, surgery is not necessary. Instead, all you may need are some temporary procedures to ensure your eyelids are protected while you heal.

In some cases, the application of special eye drops or ointment to keep the eye watered may be all you need. Your doctor will usually use these methods first before determining if something more complex is needed.

During your consultation, one of our surgeons will provide you with an extensive evaluation. They will help you decide on how you can best treat your symptoms.


Bell’s Palsy is a complex condition that requires consultation with a variety of doctors–but when it comes to your eyelids and the surrounding area, you are best off with an oculofacial plastic surgeon. At In Focus, your eye area is our specialty.
Speaking with an oculofacial plastic surgeon is integral because an issue with the function of your muscles and tissue surrounding your eye carries specific hazards, both to your health and vision. Only an experienced specialist can deliver safe and stunning results


If you are suffering the effects of Bell’s Palsy, there are options to help you. If you are concerned about how it might affect your eyes and eyesight, schedule a consultation at In Focus today. We will examine your specific situation and determine the best route to take. It all depends on how it affects your eyes and eyelids. If you are in need of a surgical procedure, we will explain the process to you, so you can rest assured you are fully informed as to every element of the method.

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