Benefits of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatments are a great way to enhance your appearance or correct any issues that have occurred due to the effects of aging. Improving the look of your appearance can often help with self-confidence and give you your youthful glow again. However, some people often fear the surgery component of cosmetic treatments. Non-surgical treatments are a great alternative and can deliver amazing results with little risk and nearly no downtime. Below you will find some of the benefits of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, and what treatments may be right for you.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

While surgical cosmetic treatments are often routine and very safe, options are available for those who are more comfortable with a non-surgical alternative. They have a variety of benefits that can ease your fears while also allowing you to enhance the look of your appearance.

  • Fast Results: Non-surgical cosmetic treatments often have very quick results. Whether it is instant or just a few days, you can often see the positive effects sooner as compared to surgical treatments.
  • Low Risk: They are often very low risk as they do not require general anesthesia like a surgical treatment would.
  • No Downtime: Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are often something you could do on your lunch break. They are fast and require very little, if any, downtime after the treatment.
  • Cost Effective: These are often half the price of a surgical cosmetic treatment as they do not require anesthesia or invasive surgical techniques.
  • Painless: Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are often painless, or there is very little pain involved. This is because you will not have any major incisions, anesthesia, or sutures to deal with after the treatment.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Depending on your needs there are a wide variety of non-surgical treatments that you can choose from. Consulting with a medical professional can help determine what is right for you based on your desired aesthetic and expectations.

Non-Surgical Face Lift:

This treatment can take years off of your face and enhance your natural beauty. With the help of FaceTite and AccuTite, a non-surgical facelift uses radiofrequency and assisted lipolysis to tighten your face. Fat is melted away, and the skin is tightened in just one short treatment. The results are similar to a surgical facelift but without the pain and recovery time.

Dermal Fillers:

Fillers are an effective way to address the early signs of aging. Fillers are a great first step before you decide to get a non-surgical or surgical facelift. They can naturally enhance the look of your face by addressing fine lines, wrinkles, baggy and dark under eyes, and even plump up your lips.


At some point, the effects of aging can take a toll on your face. Forehead wrinkles, eyelid sagging, and other imperfections can make their way onto your face as you age. Instead of staying unhappy with your look, consider Botox injections. Botox is a quick and easy injection that requires little to no downtime in terms of recovery. It is also a great option to try before you consider something more invasive like eyelid surgery or a facelift.

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery

If you are concerned about the effects of aging and your appearance, contact Dr. Joseph and his team of experts at Infocus Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Joseph is a highly experienced and well-known board-certified cosmetic eyelid specialist that has vast experience in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Dr. Joseph can help you reach your aesthetic goals and help you get your confidence back. The team of experts is happy to work with you on a plan that is right for you. Contact the office today for a consultation!