Common Eye Injuries

No matter if the issue is big or small, an eye injury is not something anyone wants to deal with. Because our eyes are the gateway to the world in terms of vision, keeping yourself safe from eye injury is vital. While accidents can happen, knowing your next steps after common eye injuries can ease some of your worry. Some eye injuries may require immediate medical attention and a trip to the emergency room, while others may require rest and continual monitoring.


Common Eye Injuries

Below are the most common eye injuries.

Non-Perforating Trauma:

This refers to an injury where the eyeball is still intact; however, there is injury to your actual eyeball. For injuries such as this, you should seek medical attention to rule out any long-term damage to your eye.

Perforating Trauma:

This refers to an injury in which an object enters the eyelid and passes through it. For an injury like this, immediate medical attention is necessary and will likely warrant surgery.

Orbital Fractures:

This refers to an injury of the bones around the eye. This is due to increased pressure or blunt trauma to the bones. Depending on the severity of the orbital fracture, it may be necessary to repair the fracture through surgery. However, you will definitely need medical treatment right away.

Penetrating Trauma:

This refers to an injury where the integrity of the eyeball is disrupted by an entry wound into the eye. If the eyelid and eyeball both receive injury, the eyeball injury needs repairing as soon as possible as to address possible long-term vision loss.

Scratched Eye:

These are often referred to in the medical field as corneal abrasions. They can occur in several instances, including rubbing your eye when you have a foreign object inside or even getting poked in the eye. These are very uncomfortable and can cause redness and light sensitivity. It’s advisable to visit the doctor to ensure there is no long-term damage.

Chemical Burn:

Chemical powders and sprays are often used on roads, fields, and other common outdoor spaces. Acids or alkali may cause permanent blindness, while milder chemicals may cause only irritation, burning, and excessive tearing. If this occurs, it’s important to wash your eyes with cool water or a sterile saline solution until the symptoms have subsided. Contact a medical professional for next steps as you may treat the injury with at-home care.

Seek an Expert Immediately

Eye injuries often require immediate medical attention due to the risk of vision loss. Contact a medical professional immediately if you suffer an eye injury. As noted before, most eye injuries can be prevented so long as protective eyewear or safety equipment is used. Whether it’s goggles, a face mask, or even a full helmet, be sure and follow proper protocol. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be sure and keep your eyes protected no matter what.

Eyelid Surgery Inland Empire

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