Common Features of Revision Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid revision surgery is a surgery that is performed to correct elements of an initial eyelid surgery that may not have turned out satisfactory. This can cover a wide range of effects. And like any type of surgery, it’s good to be aware of the potential impacts well before going in for treatment. Below we cover some common features of revision eyelid surgery.

Common Features of Revision Eyelid Surgery

If you’re considering receiving this type of treatment for yourself, then consider reading over the following information so that you can better prepare yourself to maximize all of the benefits that this type of treatment has to offer.

Revision Eyelid Surgery Basics

Revision eyelid surgery is performed when a patient is dissatisfied with the initial results of their original revision surgery.

Because eyelid surgery is such a delicate operation, there are a number of things that can go awry if it’s executed poorly.

The frequency at which these revision surgeries are performed showcases the importance of selecting a professional, board-certified physician for both your initial procedure as well as your revision procedure.

Correct Drooping Eyelids

Poorly performed eyelid surgeries can result in skin that droops or sags over a patient’s eyes.

This sagging skin is usually just an aesthetic issue but can become a medical problem if left to persist to the point that it obstructs a patient’s vision. This can result in an individual being unable to perform common day-to-day tasks such as driving or operating heavy machinery.

In revision surgery, a physician can correct this issue and restore the appearance of a patient’s eyes by re-tightening the skin. Trimming away the excess, they give the patient a renewed appearance.

Protect Overexposed Eyes

Another common feature of botched eyelid surgeries is an overexposed appearance. This occurs when a physician accidentally removes too much skin from the eyelids, which leaves the eyes wide open.

Besides being aesthetically unpleasant, this has the potential to develop into a medically hazardous situation. This is because the eyelids protect the eyes from harmful or hazardous materials impacting the highly vulnerable eyes themselves.

Revision surgery has the power to correct this potentially harmful situation. A skilled physician can manipulate the skin surrounding the eyes to restore a protective layer to keep the eyes from danger.

Correcting Asymmetries

Sometimes eyelid surgeries can result in noticeable asymmetries in the eyes.

No set of eyes is perfectly symmetrical, but a poorly executed eyelid surgery can further exacerbate these asymmetries and give a patient a strange or unnatural appearance.

Revision surgery can rebalance the eyes by restoring a sense of symmetry between the sides of the eyes and face.

Correcting Distortions

Your eyes may be a giveaway that you need some sort of revision surgery if they appear somewhat deformed or unequal.

Poorly done eyelid operations can occasionally make the whites of the eyes appear too prominent or have an untidy appearance due to drooping or sagging. Regardless, it behooves a patient to amend this issue with haste.

By restoring the eyes’ natural shape, revision surgery has the ability to fix these problems.

Filling Out Hollowness

Sometimes initial eyelid surgeries can give the eyes a hollow or sunken appearance. If a surgeon removes too much fat from the lower eyelids, this is a problem that could develop.

As a result, one may appear sunken or worn out and may look older than they actually are. This lost volume can be fully recovered with revision surgery. It may make you look more youthful, rested, and awake in general.

What Will My Own Revision Entail?

There’s no one answer to this question, as there are a number of plausible scenarios that will play out depending on your own unique situation.

You can consult with your doctor in advance of the procedure to go over your specific needs for revision surgery.

Several pertinent issues pertaining to your next revision operation will be available for discussion. This covers matters like your cosmetic objectives, your individual medical condition, and any drugs you may be taking.

Overall, this is a chance for you to satisfactorily rectify something that perhaps shouldn’t have happened in the first place. A successful outcome is more likely when you and your doctor can communicate effectively.

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