What Wrinkles Does a Brow Lift Fix?

Anyone starting to experience the signs of aging is likely looking at the best ways to smooth out wrinkles and improve the health of their skin. There are a huge number of transformation options that make rejuvenation more than possible. If you are dealing with particularly difficult creases and wrinkles around the forehead and eyebrows, then you may be the perfect candidate for a brow lift. This procedure can take years off of your aging face, offering silky smoothness and a refreshed look. What wrinkles does a brow lift fix?

What Wrinkles Does a Brow Lift Fix?

But there are a few different types of wrinkles that can appear in your brow area. This begs the question, what wrinkles does a brow lift fix? If you are considering this long-lasting corrective procedure, keep reading for some important tips.

What Exactly Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift removes or significantly reduces the signs of aging near the eyebrows and forehead. This procedure most commonly works for middle-aged patients or older. Namely, those who experience wrinkles and sagging for quite a while.

While brow lifts directly target the wrinkles and fine lines appearing on the brow, the surgery helps to bring together a cohesive balance to your overall look. Your brow lift results should bring a youthful harmony to all of your facial features, helping you look and feel younger than ever before.

What Does a Brow Lift Treat?

If you are prone to furrowing your brows or you have become creased with worry, then a brow lift is perfect for you. But that does not mean that this procedure is a one-stop option for every kind of wrinkle or blemish. Mainly targeting vertical lines and frown lines around the brows, as well as sagging skin and spots of discoloration, a brow lift can refresh skin between the eyes. But if you are looking for a full aesthetic transformation, you might want to combine a brow lift with eyelid surgery, which can refresh your drooping or sagging eyelids as well.

How Brow Lifts Take Away Years of Aging

The brow lift is designed to get rid of frown lines and other creases that have formed on your skin over a number of years, making you look older and less healthy than you once were. Our refreshing cosmetic surgery options are designed to enhance your best features while lifting the wrinkles right out of your skin, giving you a second chance to look and feel better than you have in a long time.

Here is how it works:

  • Your surgeon will go through your medical history.Then you cover your aesthetic goals to determine what type of brow lift would benefit you the most. You will learn more about the procedure. And receive info on its risks and benefits. Then you can confidently go to the next step.
  • During the procedure, you will be put under local or general anesthesia. The surgeon will remove excess areas of skin, lifting and tightening the existing skin for a more youthful appearance. A brow lift may be endoscopic. This type involves small incisions under the hairline. Or it can work as a classic brow lift. This type requires incisions around the top of the forehead.
  • You will be warned about the side effects you may experience immediately following your procedure, such as numbness on the head and face, swelling, discomfort, and possibly some bruising. This will go away within a few days as you start to recover from the surgery.
  • The surgeon will give you recovery instructions that should be closely followed for at least 2 – 3 weeks after your surgery, when you can then return to work and start resuming daily life as normal.

You will want to stay in touch with your surgeon after your surgery. Just in case something goes wrong during recovery. Or if you have any questions about your care. Within a few weeks, you can see noticeable results that have lifted years of stress and sun damage from your brow.

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