What to Know Before Eyelid Surgery

Woman sitting and getting ready before eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery can dramatically improve your look and take years off of your face. Eyelid surgery can repair droopy eyelids and transform your overall aesthetic. Below you will find more information on what to know before eyelid surgery so you are fully prepared for the procedure. What to Know Before Eyelid Surgery Because collagen and …

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Can Bell’s Palsy Be Permanent?

Woman smiling after having Bell's Palsy treatment.

Bell’s Palsy is a condition that can affect anyone at any age. It involves episodes of facial weakness or paralysis on one side. Bell’s Palsy often begins suddenly and gets worse over the next couple of days. The condition can cause pain and discomfort so it’s important to get treatment as soon as you see …

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How Diet Contributes to Dark Circles

Concept photo of diet that may contribute to dark circles.

Dark circles can make you look tired and age your face. While there are a variety of creams, serums, and makeup products marketed to treat dark circles, they are often a short-term solution to a larger problem. Finding a long-term solution to the issue is more beneficial and cost-effective. Certain factors can contribute to your …

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How the Sun Ages Your Skin

Woman with sunscreen in shape of sun on skin to prevent aging.

The effects of aging can cause major damage to your skin. Between genetics and poor lifestyle habits, your skin can age prematurely. However, one of the biggest factors when it comes to aging skin is sun exposure. Sun exposure can severely damage your skin and cause a variety of issues, including skin cancer. Below you …

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Risk Factors of Drooping Eyelids

Woman with beautiful eyelids, having addressed the risk factors of drooping eyelids.

Droopy eyelids, also referred to as “ptosis,” occur when your upper eyelids lose their natural tightness and elasticity and hang over your eye. There are a wide variety of causes including genetics, age, trauma, poor lifestyle habits, and certain medical disorders. The condition can impact one (unilateral ptosis) or both (bilateral ptosis) of your eyelids. …

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How Fillers Can Help Boost Confidence

Smiling woman in yellow top

No matter what your age, looking beautiful and feeling confident is something everyone should experience. If you have been feeling like your face is not as bright and youthful as it used to be, there are options to help get you feeling like yourself again. Fillers are a highly versatile non-surgical treatment that can help …

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Can You Have Multiple Eyelid Surgeries?

Woman with long black hair looking over her shoulder at you

One of the negative impacts of natural aging is the changes that occur on your eyes. Because the skin is thinner and more susceptible to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging, the area around your eyes can become aged faster. Eyelid surgery is a great way to treat these issues. In some cases, eyelid surgery may …

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What Age Should I Start Injectables?

patient having injectables injected into lips

The effects of natural aging can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and even sagging. Lifestyle factors, pollution, and genetics also play a factor in how your skin ages. Injectable fillers are a great way to be proactive about the effects of natural aging. However, you may wonder at what age you should start …

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Eyelid Surgery Consultation Guide

eyelid surgery patient with dotted lines around eye, gloved hands holding her head

One of the issues with natural aging is the impact it can have on your face. Aging is most often noticeable on your face as the skin is much different than the rest of our bodies. Most notable are aging eyes as they can include fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and sagging. If you have …

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I’m Not Tired But Have Dark Circles. Why?

Before and after circle treatment

Dark circles are often the universal sign for being tired. While a lack of sleep can cause dark circles under your eyes, it is not the only possible cause. You may be wondering why you have dark circles if you are not tired. A variety of factors can cause you to look tired and worn …

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