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If you find your eyes are bulging beyond what you are comfortable with, you may be suffering from Graves’ disease. If you have reason to believe this describes you, visit In Focus for an eye examination. Our expert surgeons will develop a plan to treat your condition and keep your eyes healthy. If necessary, we will provide you with an orbital decompression, or another procedure to help alleviate your symptoms.

How Do I Know If I Have Graves’ Disease?

Generally, the best person to make the call is your doctor. If you suspect you are suffering from this condition, schedule an appointment with In Focus for an examination.

Symptoms of Graves’ disease include:

  • The most obvious will likely be what is known as proptosis, or exophthalmos, which is a condition defined by protruding or bulging eyes.
  • Loss of vision
  • Limitation of eye movement
  • Compressed visual acuity
  • Dry eyes
  • A sense of irritation or pain behind the eyes

As Graves’ disease can sometimes be a side effect of hyperthyroidism, there may be a variety of symptoms throughout your body, besides just your eyes. These include

  • Insomnia
  • Heat intolerance
  • Excessive sweating
  • Tremors

The specific cause of Graves’ disease is unknown, but there is reason to believe it is due to a variety of genetic and environmental causes. However, there are ways to treat it so that you do not suffer from the symptoms. That is what In Focus is here for.

What Are the Dangers of Graves’ Disease?

The first concern is appearance. Having bulging eyes can negatively impact how you see yourself, harming your self-confidence. This can cause a drop in your quality of life. In addition, there are physical risks to not treating the condition as well.

Although Graves’ disease can cause issues all across your body, your eyes will possibly be affected by a condition known as exophthalmos. This condition is characterized by an eye that has bulged beyond the limits of its orbit. Bulging eyes can be both a cosmetic and health concern, but we offer a range of treatment options at In Focus.

Call us today to learn more about how we can restore your eyes to a peaceful and rested look. Put an end to bulging eyes and take back your appearance by scheduling a consultation today.

If left untreated, Graves’ disease can result in:

  • The optic nerve or the ophthalmic artery becoming compressed
  • Blindness in the eye
  • Inflammation and irritation resulting from increased friction when blinking

What Does Treatment Entail?

In Focus offers several options for treating symptoms of Graves’ disease. Your treatment will be a personalized plan developed between you and your surgeon during your consultation.

The most common procedure is orbital decompression. This involves creating more space in your eye socket to allow your eye to return to a comfortable, aesthetically appealing, and healthy position.

The surgery allows the eye to settle back to its normal position and will improve both the comfort and appearance of the eye

Orbital Decompression Recovery and Downtime

Usually, you should be able to see right after the surgery is performed. You can expect some lingering pain and some swelling around the eye, which will last up to two weeks, during which you should avoid blowing your nose and engaging in extraneous physical activity. We will provide you with pain and swelling medication during this period. We may ask you to come in for several follow-up appointments over the next couple of months.

Why In Focus Is the Right Choice?

The surgeons we offer here at In Focus are the experts regarding matters of your eye, and it’s surrounding areas, including the orbit. Don’t just go with any surgeon, stick with microsurgeons who specialize in your oculofacial area. When you work with us, you can count on a variety of advantages, including:

  • Experience–We have performed a wide manner of surgical and non-surgical procedures for your eyes, eyelids.
  • Ability–Our trained microsurgeons can perform the most precise operations on your orbital socket.
  • Knowledge–We stay up-to-date on all of the most innovative methods of our practice. The area around your eye requires knowledge and precision to handle properly, make sure you go with the best.

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Visit In Focus, and we will examine your specific situation and determine what the best treatment is. We make it our job to ensure you are fully informed as to every element of our procedure. We want you to feel a part of the process, so you can rest assured you are getting the results you need.

An eye that has bulged as a result of Graves’ disease is not just unattractive; it could be seriously dangerous to your site and health. Call today, and we will set up an appointment for a consultation and a comprehensive cost estimate.

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