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Written Testimonials

Joel Fish
Great doctor, great interpersonal skills, friendly staff and medical assistants. Great patient care from the doctor. I highly recommend

Paula P.
Dr. Joseph is amazing! He is polite, answers every single question and is very gentle. I got Botulinum injections for the very first time yesterday, and I didn’t feel a thing. His staff is very friendly and accommodating as well.

Exceptional Doctor!
Exceptional doctor! Dr. Joseph takes the time to listen carefully to your concerns and offer safe, effective treatments. I felt heard and I felt very much at ease. He has a gentle technique and warm, calm, kind manner. He has a keen eye for excellent aesthetic results and knows how to get them.

Gisela Porraz
Dr.Joseph is great! received botulinum treatment with him and he makes you feel at ease. Thank you Dr. Joseph.

Pam S.
Dr. Joseph is professional, caring and takes his time to answer questions and concerns. The office staff is friendly too. I highly recommend him!

Rose E.
Best doctor I have ever seen. Helped me in ways I was not even expecting. My eyes are looking and FEELING so much better. Highly recommend Dr. Joseph.

Extraordinary, one of a kind!!!
I found Dr. Joseph after a ridiculous experience trying to find a qualified and caring cosmetic doctor in Newport Beach. You name the doctor, I visited their office and somehow each visit was off beat in some way. I had a consult with one of the team members at Dr. Silverburg’s office and felt she gave me pretty good advice. I was going to schedule fillers, botulinum and possible Vbeam

Laura M Periman MD
Exceptional doctor! Dr Joseph takes the time to carefully listen to your concerns an offer very thoughtful, safe and effective solutions. His interpersonal and communication skills put you at ease. I also found the office space and the staff to be top-notch. You can’t go wrong seeing this doctor and benefiting from his extensive experience and expertise.

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