What Makes a Face Look Older?

While the effects of natural aging impact everyone, some things can make your face look much older. This may be due to lifestyle factors, genetics, or even illnesses, as many factors contribute to an aging face. Keeping your face looking youthful and glowing is possible if you take certain preventative steps. Below are some of the common issues we see, and each makes your face look older and what you can do about it.

What Makes a Face Look Older?

Below we cover what makes a face look older. Fortunately, most of these signs are easily treated.

Age Spots:

These are often a tell-tale sign of aging. Age spots are called dyschromias and appear due to the overproduction of melanin. This is caused by sun damage and your DNA. Sun spots most often begin on your face, hands, and arms. Serums that address age spots can help. However, if you have sensitive skin consider antioxidants like vitamin C. If your sunspots are really bothering you, cosmetic treatments such as laser or light treatments can help correct issues quickly.

Saggy Eyelids:

The skin on your eyelid is very thin and can begin to droop due to a loss of collagen and elastin. The droop creates a hood on your eyelid, which can make you look older and tired. You can use temporary tightening creams if you need relief fast. However, cosmetic intervention is often necessary to fix the issue long-term. An eye lift or lateral brow lift is the best option to address the issue. Talk with a board-certified plastic surgeon to get their expert opinion.

Dark Circles:

Most people think that dark circles are due to lack of quality sleep, but this isn’t the case. As you age, the area under your eyes loses fat, and the skin gets thinner. This results in dark circles. The dark circles are your blood vessels that end up showing up more due to the lack of coverage. While you can use concealer and eye creams with retinol or caffeine, there aren’t ways to truly address the issue permanently without cosmetic intervention. Dark circle treatment Inland Empire can assist in addressing dark circles under your eyes through a variety of treatments, including fillers, laser, and microneedling.

Thinning Eyebrows:

Thick, full, and slightly untamed brows are in right now. This makes it difficult for those with thin or thinning eyebrows. Your brows can thin as you age, but it could also be due to nutritional deficiencies or low-thyroid. So be sure to talk with your medical doctor to rule out any issues. The makeup industry has advanced to a place where anyone can achieve thick and luscious brows. However, if you want a more permanent solution consider using serums to stimulate growth.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

Premature skin aging is primarily caused by sun damage. Sun damage is caused by excessive sun exposure with the protection of SPF. It is ever too late to start wearing sunscreen daily. Opt for SPF 30 to 50 for optimal protection. If you want to address the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, Botox and fillers can drastically improve the look and feel of your skin.

Eyelid Surgery Inland Empire

If you are concerned that your eyes are making you look older, contact the team of experts at Infocus Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery. Each surgeon is highly experienced and well-known, specializing in cosmetic eyelid surgery and treatments that address dark undereye circles. Dr. Joseph can help you reach your aesthetic goals and help you get your confidence back. The team of experts is happy to work with you on a plan that is right for you. Contact the office today for a consultation!