Are Ptosis and Lazy Eye Related?

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There are plenty of reasons why you may be struggling with your vision. If you do not have myopia or another eyesight condition, your issue may be more external. Some skin-related conditions like lazy eye and ptosis can cause the eyelids to droop over the eyes, obstructing parts of the vision. You may be dealing …

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Can Eyelids Be Droopy When You Are Young?

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Eyelid drooping is most often associated with the aging process. Collagen loss, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and the natural aging process can impact your skin. This is especially true around your eyes as the skin is much thinner as compared to the rest of your body. While the aging process is the most common cause of …

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How Droopy Eyelids Can Affect Vision

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Your eyelids play a huge role in your eye health. In fact, the act of blinking has a variety of benefits. It can help flush out debris, keep your eyes lubricated, supply oxygen to your corneas, and even help your brain get a refresh. However, eyelid drooping can impact the role of your eyelids when …

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Risk Factors of Drooping Eyelids

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Droopy eyelids, also referred to as “ptosis,” occur when your upper eyelids lose their natural tightness and elasticity and hang over your eye. There are a wide variety of causes including genetics, age, trauma, poor lifestyle habits, and certain medical disorders. The condition can impact one (unilateral ptosis) or both (bilateral ptosis) of your eyelids. …

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Are Droopy Eyelids Genetic?

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Droopy eyelids, also referred to as ptosis, occurs when the upper eyelid droops down on or over the eye. Ptosis can occur in one or both eyelids and can even impact one’s sight. For those with droopy eyelids that sag significantly over their eye, they often have to continuously raise their brow to correct the …

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